Meet The Team

Behind every stunning arrangement at Manos Potosinas, theres a team of passionate individuals dedicated to transforming your floral visions into reality. Allow us to introduce you to the creative minds and skilled artisans who make it all possible.

Meet Myriam

Founder of Manos Potosinas, who embarked on her floral journey four years ago. Who expertises in marketing her flower business and designing wedding arrangements as well as in charge for creating every flower proposal.

Meet Maria

Introducing Maria, our valued partner with over 6 years of experience, bringing compassion and reverence to her specialty in church and funeral arrangements.

Meet Ana

Introducing Ana, our exceptional floral designer with over 2 years of experience, known for her mastery in creating rose bouquets and wedding centerpieces, including stunning arch arrangements and ceiling installations.

Meet Berenice

Introducing Berenice, our reliable caretaker of the flower shop, managing operations in our absence and taking charge of any last minute flower orders with efficiency and care.