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Bloom Bar **Bouquets**

Bloom Bar **Bouquets**

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How our Bloom Bar works:

  1. Once booked, our team will work with you to finalize date, time, location and the finer details such as flower varieties, colors and quantities.
  2. Our team will arrive at the venue 1 hour before the start time to set up flower cart (built on site!)
  3. Guests can come up to the cart and pick their own blooms, our team will be there to hand tie and wrap each bouquet.
  4. Bouquets are then labelled and placed in buckets of water, ready for guests to pickup at the end of the event.

How to book:

Each one of our bloom bar bookings is one of a kind, we custom tailer this event to ensure we work within your budget, timeframe and floral preferences !

We require a minimum of 20 guests for this service. This booking is for 20 guests (20 bouquets) and does not include cost for travel.

Duration of events are anywhere from 1.5 hour minimum up to 4 hours for larger groups.

Booking steps: 

  1. Book the date and start time and add to cart.
  2. Check out and leave a note in comments with the following information:

Event date: 

Event start time:

Event End time:

Event Location:

Our team will then reach out via email or phone to confirm the date and time, go over all the finer details and confirm floral options and more.

If your booking for more than 20 guests we will confirm the total guest count, price per guest (this is 100% customized as we have many bouquet size options to choose from !) a final invoice will then be sent to finalize the booking.

**Please note a full refund will be issued ! if date chosen is not available for us!**

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